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In the Autumn of 2006 three former Irish Guards Warrant Officers, currently serving as Non Regular Permanent Staff (NRPS) Officers with TA Units in the South London area, got together in order to explore the possibility of starting a combined boxing club for the TA soldiers in their respective Units.

As the initiative was explored in more detail it soon became apparent the club would need to be made available to the wider military community in the Greater London area.


With the ‘One Army’ concept becoming more familiar it was finally decided to form an amateur boxing club in order to cater for any member of either the TA or Regular Army.


Work was soon underway to get the club established and a suitable site for a gymnasium was made available in a disused vehicle shed at the Grove Park TA Centre.


A club committee was formed and an application was made to the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) to have the club formally recognised.


Charity status was later granted on the grounds that the club would be a non profit making organisation. Advertising literature was then dispatched around the various Units in the District and the first interested recruits started to make enquiries. By mid-April 2007 more than 50 personnel from TA Units across the capital had expressed an interest in joining the club.


Training was soon underway and is currently ongoing. Regular training sessions are conducted on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7-9pm and on some Saturday mornings. Members of the club take part in intense circuit training sessions combined with boxing skills coaching from qualified and experienced instructors in a safe and controlled environment.


More recently a decision has been made to permit members of the civilian community to join the club. This move is already attracting quite a lot of interest however it has been decided to limit the criteria to seniors only (age 17 yrs and over) on a trial basis.

For more details make a call or send an email to any of the listed contacts on this site.

Updated February 2012



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